Sock Monkeys

A number of years ago we thought it might be fun to put our take on an age old American tradition of making a hand-stitched sock monkey. We brainstormed with our very dear friend and what resulted are some of the sweetest little creatures circling the globe.

Our monkeys are still made by our friend and chief monkey maker, Mary. They are soft and cuddly thanks to the super soft merino wool and cashmere blend yarns we use to make our socks. Then there's the sass factor...We've mixed patterns (this year it's dots and stripes) and selected cheery colors like turquoise and red and voila! Monkey magic!  

We have many a story we could tell about these funny little guys. One involves a lost monkey, a cab ride in Italy and a happy ending. We hope that you will create your own stories with your monkey should one find it's way home to you.

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below: master monkey maker Mary, making magic!

lisa b. monkeying around behind the scenes with Mary

And past iterations of our beloved sock monkeys: