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clog care

Our clogs are manufactured in Spain at a small factory. All lisa b. clogs feature durable, lightweight wood bases (usually pine), high quality full grain leather or suede uppers, and a rubber outsole for traction. Any buckles or stud detailing are brass.  I want you to love wearing your lisa b. clogs, and with the right care you can enjoy them for years.


how do I care for my clogs?

wooden bases: lisa b. clogs are designed to be comfortable and durable, but you should be careful with the wooden sole. Although the wood is hard and durable, it can be a fragile material if not treated right. If dropped or if you should knock into something, the wood may chip. We do not offer replacements or refunds for chipped clogs unless there is a clear fault with the product. Our bases are made of lightweight wood, so chipping can occur around the heel or toe bed if your clogs are struck or scrape hard surfaces. This is not considered a defect, but part of the normal wear and tear. The natural wooden base can be lightly sanded back to remove marks and dirt. More significant chipping, scratches, and scuffs resulting from wear can often be easily repaired by a cobbler or at home with a little wood glue and sandpaper.

leather or suede uppers: As you wear your clogs, the leather will soften, stretch and mold to your feet. In some styles the leather may seem hard in the beginning but will soften and shape around your foot with wear. Due to the organic nature of the material, it varies in color, texture and thickness. You can waterproof the uppers with the product of your choice, but be aware doing so may change the color slightly. Just be sure to spot test the treatment first. If you are unsure, ask your local cobbler. Spot clean with a damp cloth. I don't recommend wearing clogs in rainy or snowy weather, but if your clogs get wet, you can stuff with newspaper while drying to retain the clog's original shape.

outersoles: The rubber outersole will wear down over time, particularly around the toe and heel, but it can easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop. The clogs will also last longer if you re-sole them regularly. Please make sure to resole your clogs with a light, bouncy rubber before the wood bottom is exposed. If the wood bottom becomes exposed, please stop wearing your clogs or you could cause irreparable damage.

straps on sandal styles: For sandal styles, don’t make the strap too tight. The clog sandal is a looser fit and is not designed to be strapped tightly to your feet. Strapping your clogs to­o hard may cause the strap to break. Open the buckle when taking shoes on or off to prevent the nail from breaking and to ensure the shape of the leather strap.

can lisa b. repair my clogs?

No, lisa b. does not offer clog repairs or resoling. For all repairs and treatments, I recommend going to your local shoe repair store.

do lisa b. clogs have a warranty?
lisa b. guarantees its clogs from manufacturing defects. Natural wear and tear such as chipping and heel pad slippage are not considered to be defects. What constitutes a manufacturer’s defect is at the sole discretion of lisa b. and/or our factory.

If you find you have received a defective pair of clogs or clog boots, please contact us.

is the fit standard for all clogs?

No, fit will vary from style to style due to a number of factors including heel height, type of body/upper, and if the style features a strap. Please refer to individual product pages to learn more about fit for each clog style.

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